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About Us

The Industry Leader

Acudor has been manufacturing replacement sidewalk doors for the New York City market for over 30 years. We provide new aluminum designs to fit your application that will function easier, look great, and provide maintenance free convenience for your property.

Why Go New?

A New Sidewalk Door can provide many benefits for your property from added value to eliminating safety hazards.


New Aluminum doors are lightweight, attractive, more durable, and avoid common safety issues.

Old, Steel Door
• Outdated Design 
• Heavy and Clunky 
• Safety Hazard
• Unattractive
New, Aluminum Door
• Standard Design 
• Lightweight and Durable 
• No Safety Hazards
• Attractive and Sleek
Don't wait any longer to upgrade your Sidewalk Door. Let the experts
at Acudor provide you with a price and drawing for a replacement unit. 
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